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Precious moments never to be forgotten

Photography In the comfort of your own home

The most precious thing to you at this time in your life is your baby and I do my upmost to secure the baby's comfort at each photoshoot. I have a heater to keep your baby warm as he/she has been used to temperatures of 98 degrees in the womb.
I have a wide range of blankets, soft items to place your baby onto, props and backdrops so that we can ensure you are 100% happy with the pictures we are trying to create.  
I am often asked how long does the shoot take and all being well expect me for over an hour. However things happen and I fully understand that, babies need changing, feeding and you may want to change your babies outfits. I will spend as much time with you as you like and until we are both happy with the time I'm with you.  
If you would like to book an appointment for me to come and visit you please contact me.
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