On location

Living in Sussex there are so many great onsite locations we have access to. The uncandid style of protography is perhaps my favourite and I am pleases to have invested in appropriate equipment such as telephoto lenses which means I can be at a distance and capture your family moments as they unfold whilst you walking down to the park, up theSouth downs or go to that place that is special for you.

Bringing the studio to you

My Kit is completely portable and will fit in the back of the car so no matter where you live I should be able to get to you relatively easy.
Once I arrive at your home it does not take long to set up and start shooting.
The great thing about shooting from home is that I am a guest in your home and you and your children can bring in their favourite teddy or toy and make the shoot an enjoyable experience for everyone.


I am pleased to have access to a fantastic studio in Sussex where I can take shots for customers if either the home comfort or on location ideas do not suit. Extra charges and terms will apply however it gives great scope for formal portraiture pictures especially for larger families or more elaborate ideas.
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